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Legal services offered to Business in the Russian Federation.

Corporate. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

• Choosing of appropriate form of Legal entity (Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company,

 Partnership, Representative office, Branch). 
• Registration of Legal entities.

• Structuring of Management of Legal entities.

• Amendment of Charter of Legal entities, Increase and Decrease of Charter Capital.

• Legal Support of Issue of Shares and Debentures, Transfer of ownership to shares,

Registration of Ownership.
• Conducting Meetings of Participants and Shareholders.

• Judicial Enforcement of rights of Participants, Shareholders.

• Liquidation of Legal entities.


• Participation in Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Proceedings, Meetings of Creditors, in State Arbitrazh Court
Proceedings, Defence of rights of Creditors, of Debtor.

• Initiation of Insolvency Proceedings.

• Participation in Supervision, Financial Rehabilitation, External Management, Bankruptcy Proceedings.

• Restoration of Solvency.

Contract law.

• Formation of Contracts (Sale and Purchase, Lease, Assignment agreements and other).

Securing rights of the parties (Earnest Money, Pledge, Mortgage, Penalty, Bank Guarantees, Surety,

Property Withholding).

• State Registration and Notarization of Contracts.

• Amendment, Termination of Contracts, Performance of Contracts.

• International and Multilingual Contracts (INCOTERMS, Convention on International Sale of Goods).

Real Estate.

• Legal Support of Acquisition of objects of Real Estate, formation of Terms and Conditions.

• State Registration of rights to the objects of Real Estate.

• Mortgage of Real Estate, State Registration Mortgage.

• Carrying out Due Diligence.


• Choosing appropriate Management structure, Structuring of duties of Employees.

• Employment Agreements, Change and Termination of Employment Agreements.

• Protection of Commercial Information.

• Judicial defence of rights.

Dispute resolution.

• Representation in Magistrate courts, District courts, State Arbitrazh Courts, Constitutional Court

of the Russian Federation.

• Preparation of Claims, Opinions and Suits, Responses to Claims and Suits, Representation in Courts

of the First
, Second instance, Appeal courts, Supervision instance.

• Representation in Alternative Institutional Arbitration (Arbitration).

• Enforcement of Judgments and Arbitral awards.

• Enforcement of Judgments of Courts from other Jurisdictions, Translation into Russian language,
Apostille and Notarization of Judgments and Arbitral awards.

• Representation in Federal Service of Execution of Judicial Acts.